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The Best Craft Beer And Brewery In St Helens.

Yeah sure, we’re the only craft brewery in St Helens, but we also strive to produce beers that are above all else tasty and unique. We brew beers to suit a coastal lifestyle. Shred the trails,  drop in on a wave or stroll along the bay of fires. Manchild has the beer to sip afterwards. Want to try some? Click below:

We Brew Limited Edition Beer With A Story

We’re a tiny brewery. Like…seriously tiny. As a result a core range of beers is not high on our agenda. We want to have fun brewing new and interesting beers frequently to keep your taste buds excited and keep our brewer enthusiastic. Wtih that said, the Dapper Catcher turned out to be such an amazingly tasty beer, that our Brewer Joe loved so much, we decided to keep it in the range year round. 

Quality Beer
Tasmanian Ingredients

We are passionate about making good beer. We’re also passionate about sustainability and supporting local. As such we use as much Tasmanian Malt, hops and water in our brews as we can. We’re a massive fan of Norwegian Farmhouse yeast (Kveik). But we culture our own up in house to save food miles. 



where we started

Let's start a brewery that services all the cool events that happen here in St Helens...What could possibly go wrong!!!11!!!eleven!!11!!

Mid 2019

Everything went wrong

Where did all the events go?


Total Redesign

So we need to brew for venues, this means kegs and cans. We better grow up a little. Gypsy brewing and producing tasty ales that are fast becoming the talk of the Tasmanian beer scene. 4 seasonal brews in partnership with local beergarden The Social and local Japanese Restaraunt Raida launch this new venture. 


Beer around the State

We're ballin on a budget. Distributing all the beer ourselves due to a lack of affordable courier services from our remote regional location, we have expanded slowly to a stage where our beer is available all over Tasmania in independent, craft beer focussed venues. 

Our Services

Best Quality Craft Beer Since 2019

Feeling thirsty? I am too. It’s taken ages to type all this stuff for the website. Click below and grab yourself something tasty from our current range. 



Head brewer Joe is no stranger to craft beer having worked in and alongside the industry for the last decade. Collaborating with industry leaders in the field of brewing Joe honed his craft until he was happy to share his incredibly tasty brews with the world.

Full Of Taste

Full Of Taste

Manchild Brewing is not concerned with tradition. We aim to experiment with ingredients and process to produce a brew that is tasty, balanced and unique.

Distribution Practices

Distribution Practices

Manchild Brewing are not about blanket distribution of our brews. You are unlikely to see us in your local "big" bottleshop. We passionately want to support owner operator businesses like ourselves. We want to build relationships wtih our stockitsts that allow them to sell the story of our beers and ensure our customer's experience is as perfect as possible

Best Craft Beer

Best Craft Beer

If you see a Manchild Beer, chances are it is a limited edition, seasonal brew. Once they're gone they're gone. We will mostly strive to innovate so each brew will be improved apon until we are 1 million percent happy. Then and only then will the beer become a core range brew!

Why Choose Manchild

The Taste That Makes You go Mhmmm.

Manchild use as much hyper local ingredients as we can. Where we can’t we strive to reduce our carbon footprint. We culture yeasts in house as an example, keeping our house culture of Kveik going into brews for years to come. 

Local Recipes

We love to work with local producers to incorporate ingredients such as cherries, blueberries, oysters and kelp into our recipes.

Selected Malts

We use Joe White Malts produced here in Tasmania as our preferred supplier. Occasional specialty malts are required for select recipes and where possibly we source Australian Grown products.

Quality Hops

Head brewer Joe's great grandparents worked the hop fields of Bushy Park. His grandmother grew up making a yearly pilgramige when "the 'ops were up". Just 45 minutes drive from Manchild HQ are the hop fields of Branxholm. Hop Products Australia are an industry leader producing premium product. Manchild Love their hops and use them wherever possible.

Best Craft Beer

All of this results in the best qualty product hitting your glass. If you see a Manchild beer on tap or in your local bottleshop fridge, rest assured we have put our heart and soul into making it as tasy and interesting as we can.

Our Beer

Discover Our Beer

These beers are mostly limited release, once they’re gone they’re gone brews. We keep them on the website as they are close to our hearts. Don’t miss them when you see them though!

The Dapper Catcher
Hoppy Pale Ale

Dangerous Derek
West coast IPA

Social Collaboration 2022
coming soon!

Sold out

A beer Called George

Almost Sold out

Elementary Dear Watson Porter

Sold out

Eye P.A

Sold out

Social - Sunshine Super Ale

We continue to deliver consistent and quality beer for you

Manchild Brewing have plans for sustainable growth of our brewery over the next 3 years. Keep your eye out for exciting new developments in 2023