Manchild beers are constantly evolving. We aren’t a grown up brewery who has a core range. While our beers follow a philosophy of being simple and unique, from one brew to the next they will develop. We are constantly learning and adapting. We use local and seasonal ingredients which will vary through their very nature. We don’t aim to be whacky and rediculous, but we also don’t aim to be predictable and stale. We might repeat a recipe, but you can guarantee every Manchild beer will be a unique experience.

Sunshine Super Ale:

Citrus and strangely desirable mango/gym funk bomb. Gentle bitterness with a roundhouse of overripe mango and lemon lime. Refreshing sessionable beer. Pairs with thongs, singlets, bug spray and sunscreen.

4.7%ABV 31 IBU

Viking Juice:

A hoppy pale ale using 100% Tasmanian hops. Ale Malt and Vienna Malt with a touch of Crystal. Single Hop. Super hot ferment with Kveik yeast brings out the Viking in this brew…and hopefully the viking in you!

5.1ABV 41 IBU

Eye Eye Eye PA.

A feisty double IPA brewed on a simple Pale and Munich Malt base with a combination of CTZ and Eclipse Tasmanian hops. The CTZ brings a dank bitterness while the Eclipse is fruit bomb. Once again smashing through the ferment on a Kveik yeast this one is a consistant crowd favourite.

7.5% ABV 77IBU 1.03 BU/GU

1st Raida Red Rye IPA.

Winter. In Tasmania. It’s cold. It’s wet. It’s gorgeous. This beer warms both the cockles of your heart, and the elusive sub cockle region that most winter beers fail to address. A red IPA using Rye and Tasmanian Enigma hops this is a spicy, warming beer that burst with berry flavoir due to its huge Enigma dry hop addition.

6.2% ABV 56 IBU 0.90 BU/GU

Session Stout.

Everyone in the world brews an XPA with emphasis on the extra pale rather than the extra hops. Or a session ale which is close to intercourse in a canoe….BORING! We wanted to explore a low alcohol stout that is big on flavour but low on alcohol to allow you to have one or two and drive home, without compromising on the experience. This recipe is constantly evolving…and brilliant.

2.9% ABV 51 IBU 1.74 BU/GU