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We started off only wanting to brew limited releases with consistant evolution of brews. A couple of beers had such great demand from you lot though we decided to keep them around. Meet Derek and Dapper…

The Dapper Catcher
Hoppy Pale ale

The Pied Oystercatcher can be found all over Georges Bay, home to Manchild Brewing. It has stricking black-and-white plumage and a red bill and eyes. The monacle, top hat and gladstone bag are accessories you only find on the most dapper of catchers. You know… The refined, considered types who enjoy the finer things in life. 

This brew has been made specifically to compliment a feed of oysters, light, with a gentle bitterness and delicate peach and mandarin flavours. 

Dangerous Derek
West coast Style IPA

Derek is a devil. He’s into devil stuff, like flowery meadows and telling the time by blowing on a dandelion in seed. The other devils don’t understand Derek. sometimes the best way to be a renegade is to go against the grain. If all the devils are evil, perhaps braiding flowers into necklaces is the way.

We wanted to brew something different for this collaboration with Hop Vine and Still (this beer was originally brewed for their canvent calendar 2022 but was so popular we kept it in the range). In a sea of hazy, breakfast, pastry, nitro seltzers, we decided on a WCIPA. In conversation with Andrew, his desert island beer is a West Coast IPA. So here it is. It’s just 3 “C” hops and a nice chewy malt bill set up to deliver and American style IPA with a Tasmanian twist .

Our Limited Releases - Once they are gone they're gone!

A Festival Called George Pale Ale

G’Day, I’m George. On October 15 2022 I’m holding a little shindig with a bunch of my mates. It runs form 2pm to 10pm. This festival is going to showcase over 16 Tasmanian Breweries, distilleries and gourmet food vendors all in once place. I have also booked all my favourite live original bands so we can all have a boogie. Tickets and information on www.georgefest.beer

Oh…btw this beer is a Pale Ale bursting with flavours from Columbus, Simcoe and Mosaic.

Elementary Dear Watson Porter

An enigma wrapped up in a secret. We love Tasmanian hops, and Enigma is a favourite. We used it liberally along with Vic Secret in this winter warmer porter. Big and gutsy. Chocolate roasty malt with berries and pine resin. Secrets and Enigmas, it’s Elementary Dear Watson

Eye PA - Single Hop Galaxy

Tropical flavour that is out of this world! Tasmanian hop royalty, Galaxy is the ruler in this beer with strong citrus aromas and flavour. Undercurrents of passionfruit and mango in a beer crafted to be neither dry nor sweet, just a balanced autumnal belter!

Sunshine Super Ale
A colaboration with The Social.

Citrus and strangely desirable mango/gym funk bomb. Gentle bitterness with a roundhouse of overripe mango and lemon lime. Refreshing sessionable beer. Pairs with thongs, singlets, bug spray and sunscreen.