About Us

About Manchild

One manchild, one shed...great beers.

Manchild brewing is just a bloke who refused to grow up. He brewed beer in a shed for years, and finally decided to share some. Tasmania’s finest artisnal ales brewed with love and care in a small shed in St Helens, on the east coast of Tasmania. Seasonal, sustainable and sexy. That is the aim of Manchild Brewing. You might not get to try the same beer twice, but you can guarantee that what you do drink is bursting with flavour, carefully crafted and genuinely the finest independently brewed beer to grace your laughing gear. 

Our Vision

To brew and share quality, sustainable, tasty and unique drinks with local community.

Our environmental footprint will be small and our reputation will be big.
Our Values: Passion. Sustainability. Quality.
Honor Our Customers
Deliver Quality
Implement an ongoing improvement strategy.
Celebrate the Culture of Beer
Own It

Our Mission

Through constant evolution of recipes and utilisation of local ingredients we will remain relevant, desirable and unique in our market. We will profitably deliver the finest craft beers and cultivate experiences that are remembered and talked about long into the future.

Our Team

Meet the manchild team

Joe Brews the beers and delivers them (mostly an excuse to go to the pub). Lisa runs the accounts and administration and 11 year old Archer does labels, design and naming ideas. 

Manchild Team

Manchild Team